Why we created the Simplify in 60 Seconds program:

Our “Simplify in 60 seconds” series is built around providing you bite size guides to get you started using Simplify without the hassle of TMI or even TMEI (Too much extra information.) We tried to develop a series that really tackles the root things you can do with Simplify, rather than trying to provide over-detailed messes that would usually leave things out.

Can I still book appointments and contact support?

OF COURSE! The video series guide is not a replacement for our support in anyway. The video guides are simply just that “video guides,” meant to help make your life just that much easier. We will always make sure support for Simplify can be accessed from wherever you may be!

How often will Simplify release a video guide?

We aim to provide video guides every week, to around 3x a week depending on the exact flow of need. We create videos based on the conversations we have with clients, and the new features we to roll out. We are always looking for new video ideas, so if you would like a certain topic covered connect with our staff and we will be more than glad to hopefully create it for you!

What is Simplify AI?

SimplifyAI is an AI-powered medical scribe designed to assist healthcare practitioners in streamlining their medical documentation processes. Enabling them to focus more on patient care by providing several key features:

Team Collaboration: Empowers collaborative healthcare by facilitating AI-powered documentation, allowing for more efficient teamwork among healthcare providers.

Multiple Note Styles: Streamlines the creation of various types of medical notes, including procedure, sonographic, radiographic, and office visit notes.

Suggested ICD-10 and CPT Codes: Offers a list of suggested ICD-10 and CPT codes with every note, aiding in accurate billing and coding**

Easy Integration into EHR: SimplifyAI seamlessly integrates into any Electronic Health Record (EHR) system through a simple and user-friendly dashboard.

Advanced Speech Recognition: Features a custom speech-to-text dictation API trained on over 98,000 medical terms, enhancing the accuracy of voice-driven documentation.

Customizable AI: Allows users to add their own roles and dictate the structure of their notes, including setting their own sections and templates to better prepare their notes.

HIPAA Compliance: Ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information by being fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Encounters of many kinds: The AI medical scribe is trained on numerous types of visit encounters

What do we specialize in?

Simplify is dedicated to developing practitioner-focused solutions, concentrating primarily on enhancing efficiency in medical documentation processes. Through its AI-powered system, Simplify aims to streamline the creation of medical notes, making it easier and faster for healthcare professionals to document patient interactions and treatments. By automating and optimizing these documentation tasks, Simplify helps practitioners save valuable time, allowing them to dedicate more attention to patient care and less on administrative duties. This commitment to leveraging technology for the improvement of healthcare documentation practices underscores Simplify’s role in advancing medical efficiency and supporting practitioners in delivering higher quality care.

What should I expect when using Simplify?

When using Simplify, you can expect a seamless and efficient experience in medical documentation, thanks to its AI-powered system. Here’s what you should anticipate:

Ease of Use: Simplify’s intuitive interface and simple integration into existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems ensure a smooth transition and user-friendly experience.

Time Savings: By automating the documentation process, Simplify significantly reduces the time spent on writing and organizing medical notes, freeing up more time for patient care.

Customization: You can tailor Simplify to your specific needs by setting your own sections, templates, and roles, ensuring that the documentation aligns with your preferred structure and workflow.

Collaboration Support: The platform is designed to facilitate teamwork among healthcare providers, enabling more effective communication and collaboration in patient care.

Data Security: As a HIPAA-compliant solution, Simplify provides the confidentiality, and integrity of protected health information, ensuring your data is secure.

Overall, using Simplify should result in a more streamlined, and efficient documentation process, allowing you to focus more on delivering quality patient care.

Are we right for you?

If you’re a healthcare practitioner or organization seeking to optimize your medical documentation process, Simplify might be the perfect solution for you. Here are several indicators that Simplify is right for your needs:

You Value Efficiency: If reducing the time spent on paperwork and administrative tasks is a priority, Simplify’s AI-driven system can help streamline your documentation process, making it quicker and more efficient.

You Prefer Customizable Solutions: Simplify’s customizable AI allows you to tailor the documentation process to fit your specific requirements, from setting up unique templates to defining roles and note structures.

You Need Seamless EHR Integration: If easy integration with your current Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is essential, Simplify’s user-friendly dashboard ensures a smooth and straightforward setup.

You Aim for Collaborative Care: Organizations that emphasize teamwork in patient care will find Simplify’s collaboration features beneficial for facilitating effective communication among healthcare providers.

You Demand Data Security: For those who prioritize the security of patient information, Simplify’s commitment to HIPAA compliance offers peace of mind by safeguarding sensitive data.

If these points resonate with your needs and goals, Simplify is likely a suitable match for enhancing your documentation practices!

Legal Disclaimer: **We provide general information only, not billing, coding, or medical advice. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the suggested codes or material generated by Simplify or that the use of such codes or material will result in payment or reimbursement or that they will be accurate in anyway. The platform is not a substitute for billing and coding advice from qualified billers and codding experts.